Fertilizer Machine - Fertilizer Spreader Machine

Adrimak agriculture underground fertilizing machine, which we have patented, applies to crown projection in fruit trees. Especially, phosphorus, potassium and microelement fertilizers should be applied to the depth of 15-20 cm to the crown projection and after application, they should be covered with soil. Row width can be adjusted with the help of piston. In this way, it contributes greatly to both our farmer and the country's economy, mainly from labor and excess fertilizer consumption.

Disc harrows that work by cutting the soil are used to complete the work of the plow, to break the sacs, to break the stubble, to cut and shred the weeds and weeds after harvesting and to crumble the top floor of the soil. If the soil is treated with a disk rake without plowing, then the soil strips that the plow will cut and sit on the bottom of the scratch without leaving air gaps. After the soil is plowed, the disc harrows the sacs and corrects the field surface and prepares a good seed bed. It is also used in the cultivation of the soil. Our “Towable and Hanging Type Wheel or Piston X Type Butterfly Garden and Butterfly Field” type disc harrows, which we have produced as ADRIMAK company, are used to disrupt the stubble and break the pests, to cut and shred the plant wastes and weeds in the field before planting and to mix them into the soil.

The hydraulic pistons and wheels on the machine provide great convenience both to the right and to the left in the turns at the end of the field, and the angles of the front and rear units can be easily made.

As ADRIMAK company, we continue to stand by our producers in the livestock sector by manufacturing cattle lock system (paddock).