Three Row Fertilizer Machine with Wheel (BG3-T)

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It allows us to fertilize the base fertilizers needed in the vineyards and orchards under the soil. Our BG3-T product has 3 rows in total: right, left and center. Our product has different foot structures and generally our ax-legged model is used. Our product carries out the fertilization process by releasing the fertilizer into the row opened by the ax legs. Bağ - Bahçe Soil Fertilizer Machine supports the CROP YEAR, as it reduces the TIME, FUEL, WORKING costs of the users, as it leaves the manure directly from the ground to the root area.


Product code


Work Width

1500 mm

Path Width

1700 mm

Boiler Volume

200-250 kg

Chassis Height

650 mm

Boiler Height

1300 mm

Required Power

50 hp



Area Used

Vineyard, Orchard

Pulse Form

With Its Own

Fertilizer Exit Number

3 (1 right, 1 middle, 1 left)

Foot Type

Snake Tongue, Ax

Soil Type

Grassy, Curved, Stony




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