POTTINGER Heavy Type Row Independent Roller Disc Harrow (ASB)

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It has an effective and wide usage in soil cultivation, especially in stubble processing, seed bed preparation. It reduces product costs with its combined design. When used up to 15 km / h depending on soil conditions, desired soil cultivation quality is achieved. High work capacity brings low fuel and low cost. The notched 560 mm diameter discs, each of which is individually mounted, is attached to the chassis with a rubber roller that provides flexibility in the discs. With this structure, it is ensured that soil and plant residues are broken down and mixed with soil with effective and high performance. It is an ideal machine for minimum tillage applications that are important today. It is possible with this machine to mix the plant residues well without overturning the soil, mixing and making it useful to the plant more quickly, thus restoring the biological balance of the soil. You can see these differences in the next production season.


Product code

ASB 20

ASB 24

ASB 28

ASB 32

Number of Discs





Between Disc

250 mm

250 mm

250 mm

250 mm

Disc Diameter

510 mm

510 mm

510 mm

510 mm

Work Width

2500 mm

3000 mm

3500 mm

4000 mm


1038 kg

1342 kg

1548 kg

1750 kg

Required Power

95 hp

105 hp

115 hp

125 hp


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