Heavy X Type Towed Hanger Disc Harrow (KTA)

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It is used for processes such as cutting the pests by completing the work of the plow, preparing the seed bed by mixing the soil, cutting the plant wastes and weeds in the field, mixing the fertilizer into the soil. Work angle is very advantageous compared to mechanically changed disc harrows. There are no restrictions on turns in the field, it can turn left or right. Thanks to its piston, which can change the work angle, it provides the opportunity to adjust the work angle according to the soil structure even while on the move. With its ability to do work resulting from the patented heavy-duty butterfly harrow system, a 40% job advantage without transmitting load to the tractor provides work and fuel savings. Heavy type "butterfly" disc diameter is produced as 560mm.


Product code

KTA 20

KTA 24

KTA 28

KTA 32

Number of Discs





Between Disc

225 mm

225 mm

225 mm

225 mm

Disc Diameter

560 mm

560 mm

560 mm

560 mm

Work Width

2480 mm

2930 mm

3380 mm

3830 mm


1000 kg

1150 kg

1300 kg

1450 kg

Required Power

60-70 hp

70-80 hp

88-95 hp

95-110 hp


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