Air Fertilizer Machine (HTG)

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Telescopic air underground fertilizer machine for vineyards and gardens, our machine, which can adjust the throw distance with hydraulic control between the tree row in the fruit planted in order, entering under the ground at the crown projection of trees, from the right and left, to all kinds of chemical and organic fertilizers including powder sulfur. It is a patented unique machine that can fertilize under ground from two points or one point at the desired work depth. Thanks to the pneumatic fertilizer machine, effective fertilization can be achieved, while earning significant profits from labor, time and depreciation. It has been tested to be active in all terrain conditions (grass, sloping, stony).





Product code



Work Width

4500 mm

2500 mm

Path Width

4700 mm

2700 mm

Boiler Volume

250-300 kg


Chassis Height

560 mm


Boiler Height

1580 mm


Disc Diameter

350 mm


Required Power

50 hp




910 kg



Area Used

Vineyard, Orchard

Pulse Form


Fertilizer Exit Number

4 (2 right 2 left)

Foot Type


Soil Type

Grassy, Curved, Stony

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